About Us

What Is A Cluster ?

“A cluster is a group of companies (organisations) sharing local resources, using similar technologies, and forming linkages and alliances.” 

The CHW Cluster focuses on developing linkages between industry, academia, and government, and ensuring that the right funding mechanisms are in-situ. Our priority is on shared strategies – often called “Co-opetition” – in which companies selectively compete in some respects yet cooperate in other respects. 


Our Aims

This is NOT a networking or sectoral association, and the aims of the Connected Health & Well-Being Cluster are to:

  • Increase collaboration amongst companies
  • Improve productivity of cluster members
  • Increase innovation
  • Internationalisation of cluster members

Why CHW Cluster?

Ireland has an enviable track record of attracting and nurturing companies in the Medtech, Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, and the Technology sector including AI, Cybersecurity, data analytics, and software/apps development.

Enterprise Ireland recognised the need to create a collaborative Cluster that could support the integration and expansion of these myriad sectors. DKIT successfully applied to create and manage the Cluster based on the existing R&D specialities (ICT, Health and Ageing), strategic location on the Dublin to Belfast Corridor, and the significant amount of indigenous and FDI companies in the region.

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