“For Ireland, a significant cultural change is required to move forward, transitioning from a focus on data protection to striking a balance between data protection and data sharing, to further research and drive innovation that enables improved care for patients. Investment in digital technologies will be required due to current reliance on paper records, as well as upskilling the healthcare workforce”. EIT Health

  • Opening Session / Keynote Address – Consumer & Public Health Data
  • Session 1 Data & Collaboration – ‘Progress & Priorities’ – HSE and HSC NI
  • Industry Case Studies
  • Session 2: What is EHDS, and What is its Impact on Digital Health in Europe?
  • Sessions 3-4: Data and Collaboration
  1. Academia & HealthCare Providers
  2. Industry & Healthcare Providers
  3. AI & Data

The conference will explore the imperative for integrating these cohorts to foster innovation and meet emerging demands, with a specific focus on accessing, managing, and sharing data. Discussions will build to investigate an in-depth discussion on each core audience cohort, and emphasise the critical role of collaboration between industry, healthcare, and academia to address the fast-paced evolution of technology and healthcare needs.

The conference is organised with support from InterTradeIreland, and in partnership with HIRANI, and dConnect Health Innovation Hub.

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